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Actively Looking for General Contractors in FL

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PennBrothers' Maint. Inc. hiring in Entire State of FL, FL

PENNBROTHERS’ is actively recruiting general contractors who can be registered with us as local service providers in their respective coverage areas.
The mindset should be making our customers’ life easier through service on time every time.

Service Request for these rental properties:
We are looking for a general contractor able to perform the following items that the tenants might face living on the properties.
(1) Snaking.
(2) Water Fixture.
(3) Sewage System.
(4) French Drain.
(5) Toilet Repair.
(6) Shower Head and other fixtures.
(7) Water Proofing.
(8) Septic Tank Cleaning and fixing.
(9) Gutter Drain Installation.
(10) Re-plumbing the entire system.
(11) Minor Plumbing repair and others.
(12) Installation of floors and repair.
(13) Garage Door Repair or Replacement.
(14) Interior and Exterior Doors.
(15) Drywall removal and replacement.
(16) Window repair and installation.
(17) Deck remove and replacement.
(18) Roof repair and replacement.
(19) Appliance Installation.
(20) Painting.
(21) Electrical Light Fixtures and Outlets.
(22) Caulking.
(23) Basement waterproofing.
(24) Carpet removal and replacement.
(25) Minor HVAC repair.
(26) Property Maintenance.
(27) Other items based on the tenant's needs or comfort.

Estimate and Payment
We believe in long-term relationships and customer satisfaction. As a vendor partner please ensure:
(i). Fixing the schedule with the tenant and visiting accordingly.
(ii). Making a list of all the problems and difficulties tenants face during the visit.
(iii). Provide a competitive estimate for materials and labor.
(iv). Completing the work in a timely manner once the estimate is approved.

We pay each week, every Friday.

Our Customer
(i) Homeowners.
(ii) Nationals.
(iii) Insurance Claim. (Project from different financial corps)
(iv) Banks
(v) Investors and Mortgage companies.
(vi) Construction ( Residential, Commercial) - Project-based work.
(vii) Other Private Clients.

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