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Are you looking for a helping hand to process your work orders?

I am Prashant Malviy with Global Data Processing, one of the fastest growing property preservation processing companies in the market. We are a universal company offering all standard process needs as well as many custom services. I am now pleased to offer you my back office support, with my extensive preservation background and knowledge I am able to ensure your orders are processed on time and that bids are submitted in language that maximizes returns. Below are just a few of the services we provide, all of them can be customized.


ï‚· 24/7 work order processing – this includes a dedicated team that will download your photos, QC the order, submit bids based on photos or notes accompanied by any cost estimator you or your client requires, create and send invoices, correct any rejected order at our cost and email a detailed report on a daily basis that shows all work performed. Our prices are $3 per Grass cut and all other orders are $6 each. (Negotiable)

ï‚· Coordinators – We can provide a dedicated resource that can email and call contractors to advise them of any missing photos, assist them in routing their orders each day, call and answer calls from clients, respond to any emails, assign out work orders, etc. Our coordinators are able to manage your relationship with your client and contractor. Our coordinators work Monday – Friday 8 hours per day. $1,000.00 per month.

ï‚· Accounting – our experienced resources can enter bills and invoices, receive in payments from clients, prepare contractor payments, etc. Our clients all have special needs when it comes to accounting, let us know your needs and we will create a budget that works for you.

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