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**Best Time for Property Preservation Crews to Seize the Opportunity**

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Kinast Restoration LLC. hiring in Michigan, Ohio, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, multiple states.

Kinast Restoration LLC. Is a Full-Scale Property Preservation (PnP) and Commercial Facilities Management (CFM) company. We’re currently seeking Independent contractors who have Time, Experience, and tools for working in the Property Preservation/Commercial Facilities Management Industry.
We do all types of jobs in both industries including but not limited to securing, landscaping, roof, fence, siding, drywall, painting, stairs, plumbing, electrical, emergency services, and many other exterior and interior maintenance works.
For most of the jobs we pay bi-weekly and the turnaround time is or over 90%. We are looking for reliable, dependable, and qualified vendors to work with us in the coverage area they’re very strong at. We need someone who respects the job that earns their living.

• Must be able to complete basic preservation services.
• Must understand and fulfill photographic and documentation requirements for each and every work order to the detail.
• Must be able to provide an estimate for any damages at the property they visit. We prioritize someone who has clear and open eyes for new bid opportunities while completing other jobs in a location/property/site.
• Must be detailed oriented & follow work order instructions precisely.
• Must understand and comply with the HUD guidelines while assigned a job.

Equipment & Supplies:
• Basic work tools
• Basic cleaning supplies
• Lawn equipment: mower, weed eater, edge trimmer, blower, etc.
• Truck & Trailer for debris removal from the properties
• Generator, Air compressor
• Smartphone with Internet connectivity for mobile apps while on site
• Supplies in stock knob locks, deadbolts, padlocks, hasps, lock-boxes, lumber, building supplies, tarps, RV antifreeze, etc.

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Please, call or email us if you have any queries.
Phone - ‪(248) 918-4504‬‬
Email - [email protected]

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