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Genetic LLC seeking experienced property preservation vendors in Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), North Carolina (N.C.) & Virginia (VA)

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Genetic LLC hiring in Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), North Carolina (N.C.) & Virginia (VA), multiple states.

Contractors have to have knowledge and understanding of HUD and FHA guidelines to provide quality results promptly. Experience on PPW (Property Pres Wizard) is appreciable. The vendor should be able to perform the following works:
Eviction, REO Services, Rehab, Maintenance, Landscaping, Plumbing, Roofing, HVAC, Trash outs, Securing, etc.

We pay our vendors bi-weekly. Depending on the vendor's quality of work and turnaround time we increase the volume of work for the vendor in their designated coverage areas.

Documents Required:
1) Must have an active Aspen Grove (ABC#)
2) Must have General Liability Insurance (COI) up to $1 Million
3) Copy of Driver's License
4) General Contractors License (if any) would be highly prioritized

> Know the in's and out of the Property Preservation Industry/ HUD Guidelines
> Know how to winterize a property as per HUD standards
> Change Locks as per HUD standards
> Roof Repair/ Tarp/Replacement
> Drywall work & mold remediation
> Install gas and electric hot water
> Re-glaze windows
> Board up doors and windows
> Know how to perform various home repairs
> Grass cuts & snow removal
> Take pictures according to photo policy
> Experience with PPW is a plus.

Required Tools:
1) Basic Contracting Tools
2) Stand-Alone Pressure Gauge
3) Truck and trailer to remove debris from properties
4) Lawnmower and Snow Blower
5) Must have a smartphone (Apple or Android)

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Apply for this post at our site: https://geneticllc.com/become-a-vendor/
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (703) 996-3090

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