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Grass Cut Vendors and Maintenance Vendors Needed Statewide

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Ninja Fast Landscape hiring in WY SD NE MT, multiple states.

Grass cut vendors: Must be able to complete jobs in a timely manner while also completing jobs to standard. Must have your own lawn equipment. Must have a smartphone and able to download apps. Background check will be performed through Aspen Grove. Duties include: grasscuts, basic tree trimming, shrubs, and occasionally removing outdoor debris. No other preservation work

Maintenance/REO/PPO vendors needed: Duties include all aspects of REO/PPO work including but not limited to: winterizations, lawn cuts, trash outs, rekey, janitorials, etc. Must have own tools, and experience. Must have or be willing to obtain insurance. A background check will be performed by Aspen Grove.

Pay is contracted per job and paid via direct deposit every Tuesday

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Please send email to con[email protected] with the following information:
-Position applying for (grass cuts, PPO/REO or both)
-Counties/state that you are able to cover
-Do you have GL insurance?
-how soon are you able to start
-workload you are able to handle

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