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Hire A Pro™ | https://hireapro.org/contractor-register | We Are NAMFS ASSOCIATE MEMBERS And Are Seeking To Have All Registered Property Vendors Register With Us Now Nationwide To Handle Client Requests For Contracted Work.

Hire A Pro™ Is A Licensed General Contractor And Property Managemt Firm.

We are seeking long term relationships with all local and national vendors of every type asap.
• Inspections
• Real Estate Agencies AND Agents
• Contractors
• Remediation Vendors
• PPI Vendors
• REO Vendors

We need national coverage and are placing this ad to get the needed help from you and your company! If you have not registered yet in our Hire A Pro™ Project Notifications Site - Please register now so we can contact you to do business with you now!

We perform all associated work with multiple national organizations PLUS we get Private Project Listings from home and business owners needing and asking for your services.

Please take a moment and List Your Company With Hire A Pro™
Go to our website to register your business now at https://hireapro.org/contractor-register/

Once you do - please validate your email. We will contact you after notifying you of your successful registration.

When you register please pick all trades you perform. Below each main Heading there will be a checkbox Of related subcategories you can uncheck if you prefer Not to get notifications for that trade.

If you’ve had a background check already - you can post your ABC# if you’ve had a background check already from Aspen Grove. If not - don’t worry - we will contact you thereafter and confirm all needs and send you an simple on-boarding application so we can also do business with you directly.

Please Note: Hire A Pro™ Is An Open Market Platform And Anyone who has work will post their projects and Preservation and REO assignments on our site. Additionally our Organization Will Post Our Own Private Projects As Well.


Please Come And Help Us Provide To Our Clients!

You Are A Pro and Our Clients Are Looking To Work With You! Please hurry as our National Campaign starts January 17th!!
So time is short to register before we launch our publicly to all regular home and business owners.

All National NAMFS Members Will be notified of our vendor network and all orders will be listed on our site.

You will get a Dashboard where you can bid Direct to each client, view any project photos, and re-bid any work to the clients that are not good pricing.

Clients can and will name their pricing on each project. You have to decide if the pricing is actually worth the risk. If not - BID THE WORK!! The clients get instant notifications from all participating registered vendors!!

Help Hire A Pro™ Grow and Change The Industry Together! We are awaiting your registration now.

Thank you for reading our ad!

☎️ 805-200-5304
[email protected]

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