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Hiring Maintenance & Renovation Vendors with a 3-day Payment Schedule

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Base Structures LLC hiring in AL, FL, GA, IL, MD, MS, NJ, TX, VA, multiple states.

Hiring Maintenance & Renovation Vendors with a 3-day Payment Schedule throughout the entire state of Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, New Jersey, Mississippi, Illinois, and Texas.

**We pay our vendors SEMI WEEKLY (TWICE A WEEK / 3 DAY PAYMENT)**

**Depending on the vendor's quality of work and turnaround time we increase the volume of work for the vendor in their designated coverage areas. **

**Base Structures LLC accommodates vendor through purchasing the Material**

**We prefer onsite calls with Pricing for Any kind of Emergency issues which gets approved instantly**

**For all other repairs proper breakdown of Materials and Labor hours will be approved per bid. **

**Labor per hour fees is negotiable and will be determined during onboarding process. **

**Bids with proper photos and reasonable price gets approved within 48-72 hours**

Please visit our website: www.bstructures.llc for further details or send email to [email protected]

Apply for this job with Base Structures LLC

You can apply by any of the following means:

1. Apply through our website (www.bstructures.llc)
2. Send email to [email protected] with Name, Address, Phone Number, Coverage Areas, etc.

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