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Independent Contractor/Property Preservation Vendor

Whitesell Services, LLC hiring in Wichita, KS and surrounding area/ Kansas City, MO and surrounding area/ Springfield, MO and surrounding area/ Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding area/ Tulsa, OK and surrounding area/ Springdale Arkansas and Fort Smith Arkansas and surrounding areas, multiple states.

• HPIR – HUD Property Inspection Report. When HUD releases a property to the Field Service Manager, the FSM assigns a HPIR work order to a contractor/vendor. This report is a reflection of the condition of the property once it is received by HUD. The HPIR requires a minimum of 150 photos along with an extensive report identifying any discrepancies or deficiencies with the property. There is an inspection of the appliances and testing of systems (electrical and plumbing). They also identify any Health and Safety Concerns and remedy them while on site. The HPIR must be completed within 24 hours of being issued to the Vendor.

• Initial Services (Trashout) – This involves cleaning of the property once the HPIR has been completed. The items that must be addressed on the interior include: vacuuming, sweeping floors, mopping, cleaning all cabinets, wiping down all services, cleaning blinds, window ledges, fireplaces, clean and winterize toilets, clean sinks, bathtubs and showers, replace missing or broken outlet covers, cap exposed wiring, remove broken Initials: ceiling fan blades, secure all windows and doors, re-glaze any broken windows, remove all debris, clean windows, and clean all appliances. The exterior of the property must include: mowing the lawn, trimming back hedges and trees away from the property, remove all debris, clean out any outbuildings to include sheds and garages, weed eating around the property, cover and secure any existing pool, spa, water feature, and secure any fencing around property or pool, spa or water feature area and snow removal. These are some of the items needing done during the Initial Services. The purpose is to get the property in a “Ready to Show” condition. This must be completed within 2 days of the HPIR completion. This requires a minimum of 300 pictures to include before, during and after photos.

• Routine Inspections – These include biweekly inspections of the property to maintain the “Ready to Show” condition of the property and to address any discrepancies. The Routine Inspections must be done by the due date and cannot go overdue. This includes photo documentation of the interior and exterior of the property. This also includes light cleaning of interior and exterior of property and remedy Health & Safety concerns. This requires a minimum of 75 photos and there is a Property Condition Report/Survey (PCR) that must be submitted.

• Yard Maintenance – This is done biweekly and includes mowing the grass, trimming back all hedges and trees away from the property, weed eating, and removing all debris. Grass clippings must not be on any driveway or walkways. These are sometimes issued to vendors assigned the Routines, but not always. This requires a minimum of 30 photos to include; property lines, front, sides and back yard.

Snow Removal- Is just assigned as needed, this will include clearing the driveway and a path to the door.

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