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Inspectors/Vendors needed for new REO project in Maryland

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Assero Services hiring in State-wide, MD

My company is beginning new REO project statewide and we are sourcing for property vendors for REO services and inspectors for Quality Control Inspections. We are also looking for vendors who can complete property preservation services if you perform these services as well. This project is still a few weeks from beginning so we are working on setting up an active vendor and inspector base.

My company is sourcing for property vendors for initials and routines including services such as lawn maintenance, cleaning, debris removal, property inspections, and addressing safety hazards for properties statewide. When you are issued the initial services, you will have three orders to complete – initial cleaning, initial landscaping, & the trash out. Any safety hazards that you find may be addressed as well. For the routines, there are 2 orders to be completed, the routine inspection and routine landscaping. You will provide before, during, and after photos showing the work completed. We will honor your coverage area with properties in your area or issue trip fees for properties outside your coverage area. This project is still a few weeks from beginning so we are still working the pricing and scope for REO vendors. If that is contingent upon working with us, please let me know so I can provide you more information when pricing is available.

The QC Inspectors will evaluate the quality of initial services on properties in your coverage area. The REO vendors will be completing trash outs, initial landscaping, and initial sales cleaning on newly acquired properties. Basically, you evaluate the property after the initial services have been completed. Those initial services that you evaluate include a trash out, a sales cleaning, and an initial landscaping. The inspection requires a 1 page QC form and roughly 30-50 photos of the property. You rate the contractor’s services on a pass or fail and then rate the overall services by excellent, good, fair, and poor.

As for the photos, we would need photos with time and date stamps to support each item in your evaluation. Most inspections are completed with 30-40 photos. You would the eyes on the property looking for safety hazards and any incomplete initial services. The form is simple and would be filled out directly on our website as a smart form. If you signed up, we would provide you a login for visneta.com, our website that displays open work orders and where you’ll submit your completed inspections. There will be a high volume of properties to inspect, so if you are diligent with your timeliness and quality then you may do more than inspections per month.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we will provide you the on-boarding information to get started.
Thank you so much in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.

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