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Join Our Team Today! Statewide (SOUTH CAROLINA) | Actively Searching Turns, Preservation, Repair & Occupied Maintenance Contractors

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Silver Sand Property Management LLC hiring in SOUTH CAROLINA (SC): Spartanburg, Anderson, Augusta-Richmond, Columbia, Florence., SC

Are you a skilled and dependable Turns, Property Preservation, Renovation, Repair, Rehab, & Occupied Maintenance Contractor?
Look no further!
Silver Sand Property Management LLC is actively seeking contractors like you to join our team and assist us in various property maintenance and improvement projects across the state of SOUTH CAROLINA!

[ Your Responsibilities ]

o Conduct thorough property assessments to determine project requirements.
o Execute preservation, turns, renovations, repairs, and trash-out tasks efficiently.
o Coordinate and ensure exceptional work quality, adherence to timelines, and safety protocols.
o Showcase your expertise in plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, flooring installation, and landscaping.
o Maintain excellent communication with our project management team to provide updates and address any challenges.

[ What We Require ]

o Proven experience as a Turns, Preservation, Repair & Occupied Maintenance Contractor, preferably in property management.
o Proficiency in various construction trades, including plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, painting, flooring installation, trash-out, and landscaping.
o Possession of a valid contractor's license and appropriate insurance coverage.
o Reliable vehicle and valid driver's license for convenient travel across SOUTH CAROLINA.
o Flexibility and availability to assist us throughout both states when required.

[[[--Prompt Payments Guaranteed--]]]

At Silver Sand Property Management LLC, we value your hard work and dedication. Rest assured that we prioritize your financial well-being and guarantee payment within 3 to 5 working days once your work is completed. Your efforts will be recognized and compensated promptly!

** Immediate Work Available in SPARTANBURG, SC **

[ Application Instructions ]
Apply now with your relevant experience, contact information, and service areas mentioned.
Send Email to: [email protected]
Call or Text: 203-883-9799

[ Join Our Team and Enhance Properties Across SOUTH CAROLINA! ]

Your craftsmanship and dedication will help transform houses into homes, ensuring our clients' satisfaction.

Apply today, and let's build a brighter future together!

Apply for this job with Silver Sand Property Management LLC

Send Email with your details to: [[email protected]]
Text or Call: [203-883-9799]

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