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Looking for Field Contractor in Connecticut, Florida, Mississipi, Oklahoma, Tenessee, Washington

Kaiser Preservation Service Inc hiring in Yakima, Windham, Macombie, Sabine,MAURY, MADISON, COFFEE, CARTER, DYER, ROBERTSON, FAYETTE, CAMPBELL, multiple states.

**$500 Sign Up Bonus**
Kaiser Preservation is hiring for the following counties and cities:
**ADAMS, LEFLORE, LAUDERDALE, WINSTON( Mississipi)$10 top of the work order..
**Rock County(Nebraska) Urgent Basis!!
**Roseau( Minnesota) Urgent Basis!! $25 on the top of work order..
**All over Connecticut
** Franklin County(Maine) Urgent Basis!!
**Live oak,Lafayette, Levy (Florida)$5 on top of work order...
**SULLIVAN, MADISON,DYER,FAYETTER, ROBERTSON,MAURY,MADISON(Tennessee) Super Urgent!!$10 on top of the work order
** Persia,Madrid, Atlantic(Iowa) Urgent Basis!!
**Zwolle Sabin(Louisiana) Urgent Basis!!$100 Rush Work Order
**Macomb (OK) Urgent Basis!!$20 on top of the work order
**Ellendale( North Dakota) Urgent Basis!!$15 on top of the work order
**Yakima (Washington)

We are a full-service maintenance and preservation servicing company that is currently seeking Independent contractors
with experience working in the Property Preservation industry.
Duties include:
• Turnaround time is 48-72hr with some 24hr Rush
• Lock changes/lock boxes
• Window and door boarding
• Grass cuts, tree/shrub trimming and snow removal.
• Debris Removal/Trash Outs
• Initial maid service / re-fresh
• Winterizations (when applicable)
• Must be able to complete basic preservation services
• Must have the ability to photograph and document work
• Must be able to bid any damages at the property
• Must have good communication skills, detail oriented & follow work order instructions
* Contractors must understand the requirement of completing work according to HUD guidelines as well as the individual client's requirements.

Equipment & Supplies:
* Truck & Trailer to haul away debris from properties
* Lawn equipment: i.e., mower, weed eater, blower, etc.
* Generator, air compressor, and winterization equipment including an independent pressure gauge.
* Smartphone/ Tablet or device that can access websites and mobile apps while on site
* Basic hand tools
* Basic cleaning tools and supplies
* Supplies purchased by the contractor include knob locks, deadbolts, padlocks, hasps, lock-boxes, lumber, building supplies, tarps, RV antifreeze, etc.

**Please note that contractors are paid daily 50 percent and 50 percent after 5 days**

**All Contractors are paid $1000 to $1500 bonus for their had and dedicated work**

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Please call Kaiser at 347-748-5187 or [email protected]

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