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Looking for Full Service Construction Sub-Contractors

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Triplett Contracting LLC hiring in Looking in AZ, DE, FL, GA, NJ and PA, multiple states.

Here at Triplett Contracting LLC, we are a national service disabled veteran owned construction firm that specializes in partnering with Banks, Retail Establishments, Investors, Asset Management Businesses, Hospitals, Casinos, Hotels, Corporate Spaces and more in order to provide exceptional construction and trade services.

We are starting 2022 with a huge batch of residential properties and commercial facility locations across all markets and looking to solidify new partners for the upcoming year. We are looking to build lasting relationships with general contractors in order to complete these projects in a timely manner and with quality results.

The current markets we are in immediate need of vendors are the following:

Jacksonville, FL
Tampa, FL
Orlando, FL
Miami, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Southern NJ
Atlanta, GA
Phoenix, AZ

Projects can range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands depending on what that vendor can handle. For larger projects, we can negotiate partial payments depending on the scope of work and client.

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