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Full remodel to be completed at the main home and detached outbuilding which includes - Wood siding repairs, Gutter replacement , Exterior painting, Flooring replacement, Drywall repairs, Interior painting, Water heater replacement , Clean and stain cabinetry in kitchen , Laminate countertops replacement in kitchen , Electrical Repairs, Plumbing Repairs, Carpentry Repairs, Final sales cleaning , Appliances replacement . Please see below for details on each scope needed.
1) Wood siding -- Replace missing wood siding on north side wall where siding is completely missing and at center of west wall where a small section is missing, match as best as possible.
Includes main home and detached outbuilding
2) Gutter replacement -- Install gutters and down sprouts at property to prevent possible water damages to siding/trim (main home only)
Specs - 5" seamless gutters
3) Exterior Painting -- Complete Paint exterior of main home and detached outbuilding, includes siding, trim, fascia, doors, garage door, includes caulking around doors and windows
Includes - Pressure wash exterior surfaces to remove all dirt/grime/moss Includes driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, and careful cleaning of exterior of home
(Sherwin Williams paint to be used )
4) Carpet -- Replace carpet and carpet pad at main home and detached outbuilding , Carpet to be replaced in bedrooms and hallways and in areas where carpet present currently (provide measurements), Includes tear out of existing carpet
Specs- Traffic MASTER
Americana - Color Sedona Texture 12 ft. Carpet
Model # 0665D-21-12 or equivalent
5) Tile Flooring --Replace tile flooring where present at main home only , Includes removal of existing tile flooring as needed.
Areas -- kitchen, dining room and mechanical room areas (provide measurements and type of tile that will be used)
6) Refinish hardwood flooring -- Refinish hardwood flooring present in fireplace room as best as possible (main home only)
7) Vinyl floor --- Replace vinyl sheet flooring in kitchen and laundry at detached outbuilding, includes underlayment as needed.
Specs- Vinyl sheet flooring to be used (color to be decided )
8) Drywall -- Repair drywall damages at interior walls and ceilings, includes texture to match existing.
Includes main home and detached outbuilding
9) Interior Painting -- Complete interior paint of main home and detached outbuilding --Paint interior walls, ceilings, trims and surfaces with 3 tone paint, semi-gloss trim, flat white ceilings, neutral tone walls, caulking around doors/windows/window sills and any areas needed ( includes removal of all hooks, screws, nails ) , includes sealing/finishing of wooden panelling present

Specs- Sherwin Williams paint to be used
10) Water heater - Replace 50 gallon Electric water heater at main home, includes strap for new water heater
11) Carpentry -- a) Replace damaged patio door screen at detached outbuilding
b) Replace all damaged baseboard throughout detached outbuilding
12) Clean and stain kitchen cabinetry -- Clean and paint/stain cabinets at kitchens in main home and detached outbuilding (upper and lower cabinets, includes insides of cabinets)
color-- white ( Semi-Gloss Enamel to be used )
13) Countertops laminate -- Replace laminate counter top in kitchen with new laminate counter tops at main home only
Specs-- laminate sheets to be used, color to be specified (provide measurements and type)
14) Electrical Repairs-- a) Replace up to 5 GFCI outlets at interior and 2 GFCI outlets at exterior of the property in main house ( bathrooms , laundry, kitchen , garage )
b) Replace up to 5 smoke detectors/CO detectors at main house
c) Replace missing weatherproof cover plate on east exterior outlet
d) Replace outlet covers/switch covers throughout the property and detached outbuilding
e) Replace missing panel cover on main electrical panel in main home

15) Plumbing Repairs -- Replace toilet in laundry/mechanical room and bathroom (2 toilets to be replaced in main home only) & Install dryer vent to exterior

16) Final cleaning -- Perform final sales clean after all repairs are done at main home and detached outbuilding

17) Appliances -- a) Range -- Replace cook top at the main home kitchen (Stainless steel)
b) Microwave --Replace microwave at the main home kitchen (Stainless steel)
c) Dishwasher -- Replace dishwasher at the main home kitchen (Stainless steel)
d) Garbage disposer ---Replace garbage disposer at the main home kitchen

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