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Looking For Property Preservation Vendors In TEXAS

A & A Property Preservation LLC is looking for property preservation contractors in TEXAS. Vendors should know HUD and FHA guidelines properly. If contractors know how to use PPW, EZinspections, Pruvan, etc. that's a plus.

From the submission of a Work Order you'll get paid after 15 days (on Friday) if no denials/rejections come. We pay through ACH Direct Deposit which usually takes 2 - 3 working days to get deposited.

If contractor provides sufficient photos along with bids categorically for all the damages might be present at the property will be given additional incentive. Same goes with on time submitted Work Orders.

You need to have:
- ABC#
- drivers license with auto insurance
- general liability insurance and errors/omissions insurance
- able to use PPW, EZinspections, Pruvan, etc.
- need to have necessary equipments to perform preservation work
- able to take photos properly and sufficiently
- able to utilize email properly
- need to have good communication skills, should be detail oriented and be able to follow work order instructions
- turnaround time is 48-72 hours

Apply for this job with A & A Property Preservation LLC

Please apply through: [email protected] or (732) 908-7444
Visit our website: http://aapropertypreservationllc.com

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