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The candidate will be required to visit the vacant residential property. Take required photos according to the provided scope of work to be bid upon.
- One photo of the address, one photo of each exterior elevation of the home and all buildings.
- One Photo of each item or group of items listed specifically on scope of work. i.e. “replace roof” would have several photos of the roof. Whereas “replace the damaged window” would have one photo of the damaged window.

- Two photos of the interior of each room in the house. Preferably from opposing corners showing the floor, walls, and ceiling.
- One Photo of each item or group of items listed specifically on the scope of work. i.e. “replace damaged kitchen drawer” would have one photo of the damaged kitchen drawer. “replace the damaged cabinets” would have several photos of the cabinets.


1. Photos size:
- No photo may be smaller than 25KB and no photo may be larger than 250KB. If you set your
- camera to 480x640 size or “VGA” this will most likely keep the photo sizes acceptable

2. Photo file name:
- Each photo must have its own unique file name. You may duplicate file names only on projects of a
- different address / location.
- Only file names containing numbers, underscores, or hyphens can be accepted. i. Example: 261_2718 (small) will not work. It must be 261_2718

3) Photo type.
- All photos must be of the jpg format.

The Contract Project Manager (CPM), will provide a detail as to what labor and material will be required in order to accomplish the requested repairs as listed on the scope of work. The CPM will also list any labor and material needed to accomplish the requested repair that is not specifically spelled out on the provided scope of work but necessary to accomplish the requested repair. I.e. “Paint all interior” will need to include any drywall repair and wall paper removal in order to paint the interior. The CPM will record the make and model number of all mechanical equipment at the home.

Once the CPM has completed the “Bid Sheet” and photos for the property, they will upload them to our online platform along with their invoice with a unique invoice number in the amount of $65.00 for that property.

We then use the photos and information to submit a repair bid to our client. If that repair bid turns into an approved project? The CPM that provided the bid information will become the Project Manager for that project.

You will be paid 8% of the approved project amount in order to perform initial onsite meetings with our Contractor, a progress inspection every three days thereafter, and a final inspection to determine if the project has been acceptably completed by our Contractor and “After” photos of all of the approved
repair items.

Project approval amount $10,000.00. Our Contractor would have 7 days to complete the project. You would visit the property 3 or 4 times to inspect and communicate with the Contractor. Once the Contractor has fulfilled their obligations and you feel the work has been satisfactorily completed. The CPM will upload a final inspection photos and their invoice for $800.00. The CPM will be required to provide progress updates twice weekly via our online Project Management Platform.

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