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NOW HIRING - Independent Contractors / Handymen / Repairmen / Yard Care - PAID WEEKLY

Posted April 10, 2024

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Siesta Home Preservation LLC hiring in PA, AR, IL, MI, IN, OH, NY, TX, and now in LA. Our company works with several large nation vendors to keep the work flow up. Payout is WEEKLY!!, multiple states.

Examples of common services:
- Inspections (provide photos via smartphone with camera)
- Change locks and/or deadbolts, install padlocks
- Board/secure doors/windows
- Remove personals/debris/full trash out
- Lawn maintenance: grass cut, shrubs, vines, trees, etc.
- Snow Removal
- Winterizations
- Maid services/Sales Clean (sweep/vacuum/dust/wipe)
- Pool Boarding
- Roof Tarping / Shingle Repair
- Report Damages and Provide Measurements
- Minor repairs

Job Requirements:
- Valid Driver License
- Aspen Grove number OR ability to pass a background check
- Smartphone with Camera & Email
- Reliable vehicle, truck and trailer are highly recommended

Tools, equipment, and supplies for the job. May include:
o Basic tools, drills and accessories, saws, chain saw
o Ladders (extension and A-Frame)
o Lawn equipment, mower, trimmers, blower, hedge clippers, chain saw, snow shovel/blower (where applicable), etc.
o Painting tools, brushes, paint sprayer, etc.
o General cleaning supplies, vacuum, broom, etc.
o Trash pump (an industrial speed garden/pool pump)

- Required Tools Available at MFSSupply.com if you don’t already have:
- Locks/Deadbolts with correct key codes (35241, 44535, 67767, 76667)
- Hasps and Padlocks (key code A389)
- Standalone gauge
- Winterization Stickers
- Winterization Tape
- Carriage bolts for boarding windows

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