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Preservation Contractors- PAID 3-4 DAYS ON ORDERS!

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Green Group Corp. hiring in Illinois, Missouri and Indiana , multiple states.

Growing Preservation company now looking for dedicated and hardworking preservation contractors. NO NEED TO WAIT 30 DAYS TO BE PAID. We pay our vendors within 3 days after we submit order to client. 75% of invoice goes to vendor and we take 25%. We ask that any vendors applying cover at least one county in full.

We are looking for experienced vendors who:
- Complete at least 90% of work on time
- Communicate with our office very well and efficiently
- Know what photos to take on every type of order (We do not want a follow up because a picture was forgotten)
- Actually know how to bid and complete the work they are doing CORRECTLY
- Know how to actually fill out a proper PCR form

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