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Property Inspectors Miami Dade and Broward


Duran Duran Field services, is seeking residential Property field inspectors. Independent contractors receive a 1099 tax form each year and are responsible for their own taxes.

Mortgage companies and banks are required by law to document the occupancy and physical condition of all delinquent mortgage loans. To do this they send a Property Inspector to the physical property to take specific photos and to determine if the property is occupied or vacant. The property inspector then reports the general condition of the property using our mobile app. The work is easy. Knowledge in routing and maps for directions is helpful to do the property inspection position.

Most of the inspections are occupancy inspections(visually verify someone still lives at a property), there are occasional interviews (verification of who lives at the property by trying to make contact with a property occupant), there are some interior vacancy walk-thrus (typically photos of each interior room), an occasional insurance loss draft (verifying status of a construction project, taking picture of a repaired roof) and other types of inspections.

Pricing paid to inspectors varies between $4.75 - $15.00 per inspection depending on geographic area, number of inspections and type of inspection.
Example> You go on a route of 16 inspection, 7 at 5.00 dollars, 7 at 7.00 dollars, 2 at 15.00 dollars. Total route $79 dollars.
Please send resume and, if you have experience in the field, companies you work for

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