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ProxyPics - Data Collectors Needed - Photos - Nationwide - $20-$135+

ProxyPics is a Chicago based company that completes work nationwide for banks, credit unions, investors, appraisal companies, direct work for Fannie/Freddie, and other industries. We receive one off orders to go with batch orders.

Job Types:
Exterior No Contact
Interior Lockbox Access
Interior Appt Require
Draw Inspections
Landscape/Pavement/Snow Audits
Night Photos
And more....

We are built on speed(Exteriors Under 24 hrs) and quality. We aren't asking for 50 photos, door hangers, door knocks, etc for $7 but most are $20 for 6 photos from the street and goes all the way up for interiors.

Unlock more orders(higher paying too) sending or completing a background check. Simple App, Easy Work, Direct from Client to you, minimizing nationals and regionals taking their cuts and your money.

Click the link to download our app or search ProxyPics to download and register.


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