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Quality Control Inspectors in Cheyenne WY

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Assero Services hiring in Cheyenne, WY

We are sourcing for QC Inspectors for evaluation the quality of initial services on properties in the Cheyenne area. The current vendors are have been completing Trash Outs, Initial Landscaping, and Initial Sales Clean on newly acquired properties. Due to the rise of acquisitions, we are seeking more QC inspectors to review the quality of the work being performed.

The inspection requires a 1 page QC form and roughly 30-50 photos of the property. You will rate our contractors on a Pass/Fail scale and give an overall rating of services rendered. Inspections will pay $20.00 per property.

If you are interested in the opportunity of working as a QC inspector for Assero Services then please respond to this email or give me a call back expressing your interest and we will send you the necessary documents to sign you up with us.

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