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Rental Property Inspections - Tampa area - bulk orders

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PRO Nation hiring in Hillsborough and surrounding counties, FL

PRO Nation is looking for inspector to complete rental property inspections in the Tampa area of Florida. Inspectors will need to schedule inspections with the residents in advance and complete a walk through of the property. All inspections will be completed on ezinspections app. Inspections are a full inventory of the property and a life safety/damages check. These take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Inspections are ordered in bulk at the first of the month and completed as a whole if preferred. This allows you to maximize time and be done in large groups as routes or as singles as you are in areas.

Residents are made aware of the inspection in advance and we have a first hand relationship with the rental company to ensure a very large compliance rate in appointments. We support scheduling window times and we work hand in hand with the inspector to get these scheduled to fit your schedule.

Volume is approximately 20-50 a month and pay is bi-monthly paid with Square payments so you can receive your payments instantly through Cashapp. Pay is $45 each

We are looking for a partner to take on this area as a whole if possible. Counties needed are Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Sarasota.

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Please send information to [email protected] or http://www.pronationinc.com/vendors.html

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