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Quality Preservation hiring in MI- DETROIT (FULL STATE), OH-TOLEDO (FULL STATE), FL- (FULL STATE), multiple states.

We are a full-service maintenance and preservation servicing company and license contractor that is currently seeking honest, hardworking, quality property preservation specialist, contractors, and general handyman to service and manage bank owned properties through all phases of the foreclosure process. Applicants must understand the requirements of completing work according to HUD guidelines as well as the individual client's requirements and understand the importance of due dates.

Duties include but are not limited to completing the requested items on a work order and taking completed, detailed photos documenting all work performed and all bids placed. Clear and detailed photos are the basis of how we are paid, so attention to detail is a MUST.

All potential independent contractors must have the following basic requirements to receive work orders from us:
*Truck $& trailer to haul away debris from properties
*Lawn equipment: i.e.. Mower, weed eater, blower etc.
*Generator, air compressor and winterization equipment
*Smartphone/Tablet or device that can access websites and mobile apps while on site
*Digital camera and average degree of computer literacy
*Helper/partner if needed
*Basic hand tools
*Basic cleaning tools and supplies
*Supplies purchased by the contractor include knob lock, deadbolts, padlocks, hasps, lockboxes, lumber, building spplies, traps, RV antifreeze, etc..

You will be paid on the first Friday after a span of 14 days from the submission of an work order.
You will be paid through ACH Direct Deposit, it usually take 2 working days to be deposited.

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Please contact Richard at (248) 726-0545 or email us [email protected]

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