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URGENT - Need Property Preservation vendors in California

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Carter B Management LLC hiring in Full State, CA

Carter B Management LLC is hiring Full State Property Preservation and Rehab Vendors in California with more than a decade of experience in the preservation industry.

As you know, the season has already started, and we are getting more and more work every day. We need a larger workforce to deal with these new properties. So, we need more vendors to partner with us to give the best service to all the banks and investors and build a better nation.

Work orders can be assigned right away. We pay our vendors on a weekly basis through direct deposit.

Work includes, but is not limited to:
- Roofing, Rehab, Repairs, etc.
- Recurring Grass Cuts/Snow Removals
- Securing - lock work and boarding
- Winterization
- Minor Property Repairs
- Janitorial
- Trash Outs
- Also seeking licensed contractors (Roofing, Electric, Plumbing, Mold Remediation, etc.)

All potential vendors are required to have an Aspen Grove ABC number. Additionally, we also require a General Liability insurance of $1m.

Please respond with your full name, email, phone number, and coverage area to this ad.

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Call Norvin - Vendor Manager at 314-254-1144 (Extension - 109)
Email at [email protected]

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