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URGENT - Need Property Preservation Vendors in FL, OH, NC, PA, SC

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SE Field Services LLC hiring in Within the whole state of FL, OH, NC, PA, SC, multiple states.

SE Field Services LLC is hiring full state Property Preservation Vendors in multiple states.

As the season has already started, we are getting more and more work orders, so we are looking for vendors who can handle the growing workforce and provide us with their best services.

Work orders can be assigned right away. Our pay cycle is 10-14 days through direct deposit.

Work types include, but are not limited to:
- Debris Removal
- Seasonal Maintenance (Grass cuts)
- Winterization
- Trimming work (Shrubs and trees)
- Securing Work - lock changes and boarding
- Minor Property Repairs
- Janitorial Service (Broom Sweep, Maid Refresh)
- Also seeking licensed contractors (Roofing, Electric, Plumbing, Mold Remediation, etc.)

All potential vendors are required to have an Aspen Grove ABC number. Additionally, we also require a General Liability insurance of $1M.

To receive work from our company, vendors are required to have the necessary equipment and supplies that include -
bank coded knob locks, deadbolts, padlocks, hasps, lock boxes, lumber, building supplies, tarps, antifreeze, etc.

We expect the vendors to have good communication and respect for due dates.

Please respond with full name, email, phone number and coverage area to this ad.

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Please email us at [email protected] or call us at (470) 317-2488

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