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Urgently Looking For Property Preservation Contractor in Minneapolis, MN for a Big Debris Removal Job

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Archetive Property Management Inc. hiring in Minneapolis, MN, MN

We have the following jobs at a property in Minneapolis, MN.

Trash out:
1. Hazmat suits: You will be paid for renting/buying 4 hazmat suits. (Must provide Purchase or Rent Receipt for payment)
2. Debris/Personals: You will be paid for removing 240 cubic yards of debris. (You have to provide
justifying photos to support 240 cubic yards of debris/personal removal and dumping)

Sales Clean:
1. After debris removal, you have to perform sales clean.

Lawn Care:
1. Grass Cut on 7586 SQFT lawn.
2. Need to remove approx 500 SQFT weed.

Desired Skills:
* Familiar with PPW (Property Pres Wizard) web/ Mobile App
* Must be able to take details photographs per instruction.
* Ability to bid all damages at the property.
* Quality work in a timely manner.
* Proper communication.

Payment- Weekly (Direct Deposit).

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