Adyan Preservation LLC

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

We have been working in this profession for eight years with MCS, Safeguard, NFR, Cyprexx, First Allegiance, AFAS, BLM, M&M, Sigalsource, Five Brothers. Sometimes as a crew and as a work order processor. We know how to maintain quality. It is important for us to ensure the quality of work. We choose our crews very carefully. All of them are experienced. When we send them to the properties for the work order, they follow the rules and regulations of the property preservation and HUD. They maintain the code of working. They try to ensure the quality of the photos on the spot before leaving the property. Also, we have a QC team who makes sure the quality of work and photos then we pass the work order. Even if we fail to provide the proper photos and information, we send them again to reopen the work order free of cost.
When we sent crew any of the property for the work order. We try to ensure the quality of the photos on the sport before leaving the property. And also if we fail to provide proper photos, we will provide reopen free of cost.

  1429 35th Street, Brooklyn, NY