Clear River, LLC

Headquarters: Knoxville, TN

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For residents in Knoxville who envision a home makeover that mirrors their unique style and needs, Clear River, LLC stands out as the preeminent general contractor dedicated to exceptional service and results. With specialized knowledge in all facets of interior renovations and expansions, we are your go-to source for Knoxville full home remodeling. From initial design consultations to putting the final touches on a project, our comprehensive approach ensures every client feels confident they're getting personalized attention from an experienced team committed to bringing their dreams to life. Partnering with Clear River means choosing a Knoxville full home remodeler devoted to achieving perfection down to the smallest detail—whether it's modernizing an outdated space or crafting entirely new additions tailored just for you. Our track record as an established Knoxville full home remodeling company provides peace of mind that your investment is in expert hands ready to enhance your living space's form and functionality.

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  612 Galveston Rd NW, Knoxville, TN