F7 Ministries and Construction

Headquarters: Bentonville, AR

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We are a Family Minded and Oriented Company committed to going above and beyond expectations and doing anything and everything we put our hands to in Honor and Glory of God. We have 10yrs in property preservation and landscaping experience and more than 20yrs in new construction and remodeling houses, restaurants, apartments, and ware houses as well as red irons. We are experienced with the picture taking and submission process of the property and the job upon arrival, before the bid ,during the labor, and after completion of all accepted work and clean up involved to help keep property records and bids easy to identify and follow for all parties involved. We are organized and can plan routes and schedule jobs to maximize our time and completion rates. We are capable of operating two to three crews at a time if the work load calls for it.

  1200 SW Quartz Ave , Bentonville, AR