Highland AC Sales and Service

Headquarters: San Antonio, TX

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At Highland AC Sales and Service, situated in the heart of San Antonio, TX, our team is committed to keeping your home comfortable regardless of the season. Specializing in both traditional air conditioning units and modern heating systems, we offer seamless ac installation alongside prompt ac repair near me, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experienced HVAC professionals are not only adept at installations but also excel in providing efficient heating repairs that San Antonio TX families depend on during cooler months. Moreover, fostering healthier indoor environments through exceptional air quality services is another expertise we take pride in offering to our community. By integrating technologies like blow-in insulation into our repertoire, we strive to enhance the efficacy of your climate control systems while maximizing comfort levels throughout your space. Choose Highland AC Sales and Service for steadfast dedication to maintaining ideal temperatures within your sanctuary all year long.

  78228, San Antonio, TX
  (210) 625-5775