Lead Safe Resources

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

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Trusted partner for landlords, property managers, & real estate investors/owners in Philadelphia and PA Suburbs. Ensure safety with our expert solutions & EPA certified lead paint technicians, RRP's and Risk Assessors.

Lead Safe Resources has over 8 years of experience in the Lead Paint remediation industry. We provide property owners extensive reports with pictures and description of property and upon passing the lead test via an accredited lab we produce a Certified Lead Safe Certificate that is valid for 4 years. If the property does not pass, we have experienced Lead Safe contractors on staff. As a woman-owned business, we specialize in conducting extensive lead testing services for a diverse clientele, including large property managers, real estate agents, investors, brokers, hotels, landlords and tenants across Philadelphia and its suburbs. Give us a call 215-791-8400.

  901 N Penn St R908, Philadelphia, PA