Headquarters: HOUSTON, TX

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Work includes, but not limited to:
- Initial Securing
-Lock Work
-Pool Securing
- Reoccurring Grass Cuts
- Boarding
- Winterizations
- Discoloration treatment
- Minor Property Repairs
- Janitorial
- Debris Removal
Pocess the following:
- Aspen Grove ID#
- a smartphone
- Able to use PPW
- able to utilize email
- proper equipment and locks to perform preservation work.
- able to bid any/all damages
We provide qualified inspectors to ennsure accurate and timely occupancy checks and customized inspection reports for property inspections.
We have dedicated maintenance teams that ensure maintenance is coordinated consistently to maximize marketability.
Tenant Occupied Services
We preserve the habitability of a homes, we work with tenants on regular and requested maintenance or repair issues.
Along with standard Property Preservation, elimination of neighborhood blight is in the best interest of both the client and the community.
National Repairs are conducted by trained repair specialists whom work in collaboration with clients to get properties saleable again.

  6219 Gaston St, , HOUSTON, TX