Passionate Visions Property Preservation LLC

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Lawn Care: We maintain lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, and grounds to enhance the beauty of our clients' properties.
- Mowing grass
- Trimming hedges
- Removing debris

Pressure Washing: We eliminate dirt and bacteria to prevent mildew and algae growth, thereby improving curb appeal.
- Cleaning interior and exterior drainage
- Sweeping and scrubbing exterior surfaces
- Disinfecting surfaces

Gutter Cleaning: We clear debris, dirt, and leaves from gutters and downspouts to ensure proper rainwater drainage.
- Cleaning the interior

Home Cleaning: We offer comprehensive cleaning services to keep the interior of your property pristine.
- Vacuuming
- Sweeping
- Dusting
- Cleaning windows
- Mopping floors

Locksmithing: We provide installation, repair, and maintenance services for property locks.

Winterizing: We mitigate the risk of frozen waterlines during cold months by thoroughly draining plumbing and heating systems.
- Winterizing sprinkler systems
- Flushing water systems in spring
- Disconnecting exterior hoses
- Shutting off the main water valve
- Blowing excess air out of pipes
- Draining toilets and water heaters

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