Pest Shield, Inc.

Headquarters: Mount Airy, MD

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Nestled in the heart of Mount Airy, MD, Pest Shield, Inc. provides an essential service to homeowners and businesses alike through comprehensive pest control services. Our experienced technicians are proficient in identifying and eliminating a wide range of bothersome pests, ensuring your property remains safe and comfortable throughout the year. We specialize in meticulous rodent control techniques designed to keep infestations at bay while safeguarding your space against future invasions. With our proactive termite control methods, we help maintain the integrity of your structure by addressing termite issues swiftly and effectively. Ensuring ongoing protection, Pest Shield, Inc. offers personalized pest protection plans catered to the unique needs of each client—whether for a single event or continual maintenance. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, our pest protection services are tailored to deliver peace of mind alongside reliable results for all residents within Mount Airy.

Services: Pest Control, Pest Protection Plans, Rodent Control, Termite Control, Pest Protection

  4075 Lomar Drive , 21771, Mount Airy, MD