Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design

Headquarters: Mount Prospect, IL

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Transforming outdoor areas into stunning landscapes is an art – and at Wave Outdoors Landscape + Design in Mount Prospect, Illinois, our canvas awaits your personal touch. Distinguished by our exquisite landscape design services, we specialize in constructing personalized havens right outside your door, including professional Mount Prospect deck installation that lifts the standard of luxury living outdoors. Our palette includes everything from 3D landscaping renderings that visualize innovation before breaking ground, gardening service imbued with green-thumbed care, alluring landscape lighting that accentuates nighttime ambiance, yard grading for impeccable lawn aesthetics, to irrigation & stormwater management systems ensuring sustainability within every design aspect. Through deep respect for architectural integrity and surrounding ecosystems—mirrored in our hardscaping projects—we create exceptionally designed patios and above-ground swimming pool complementaries tailored just for you. The result? A harmonious symphony between human habitation and natural charm mastered by meticulous outdoor masonry expertise coupled with bespoke outdoor carpentry craftsmanship.

Company Email: [email protected]
Services: Landscape Design, 3D Landscape Design, Gardening Service, Deck Installation, Pool Deck Installation, Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation, Patio Paving, Landscape Lighting, Snow Removal, Yard Grading, Hardscaping, Landscape Construction, Outdoor Masonry, Outdoor Carpentry, Irrigation & Stormwater Management.
Company Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday, Sunday: Closed

  600 S. Emerson St, Mount Prospect, IL
  (312) 772-2300