Wreck & fix it

Headquarters: Westwego, LA

Joined PropertyVendors.com 3 months ago

Here at wreck & fix it we are highly on completing a job to the best of our ability the correct way no other around it. From mowing, landscaping, roofing, framing, siding repairs, flooring repair, demolition, appliances repair/ trouble shooting, hvac, light plumbing, light electrical, remodeling, trash out, evictions, make ready, upkeep, property assessment, property inspections, insurance inspection, winterization, lock outs, securing, exterminating, and many more all you have to do is ask and we are at your task. Me and my team are highly equipped and prepared for what ever problems it is you got. we are truly jack of all trades!!!!

  60 Clifford ct., Westwego, LA