XPER Property Services

Headquarters: Clifton, CO  Pro Account

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Xper Property Services specializes in property preservation with an eye on owner/investor ROI. Let us handle the maintenance and hassle of property ownership and allow you to focus your time and abilities elsewhere.

Just some of the services that we supply (but don't be afraid to ask):
* Cleanup after vacancy (trash removal)
* Janitorial services (prior to sale/rent or ongoing)
* Property re-keys or lock replacement (within 24 hours)
* Lawn care (prior to sale/rent or ongoing)
* Handyman services (door/window repair, drywall repair, painting, electrical and plumbing fixture replacement)
* Contractor coordination and supervision (by project)

We are your one-stop shop for all your property maintenance needs. Our parent company, Xper Management Services, can even handle all your property management needs.

  3210 E Rd, Suite L, Clifton, CO