Headquarters: Tarentum, PA

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In Tarentum, PA, when your home or business is facing a sewer issue that needs immediate attention, 1-Tom-Plumber is the reliable choice for professional service. We know that problems like sewer line blockages or deteriorations are more than just inconveniences; they require swift and proficient handling. Being local to Tarentum means we can respond quickly with services such as sewer cleaning near me, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine. Our skilled team is well-equipped to address everything from sewer line service to full-scale sewer line replacement. Trust in 1-Tom-Plumber, not only for vital emergencies but for all your routine plumbing needs too. As respected sewer line contractors in Tarentum, we stand ready with the tools and expertise to efficiently manage any sewer-related concern you may encounter.

  104 E 4th Ave,15084, Tarentum, PA