MC Corporation

Headquarters: Burlington, NC

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MC Corporation, rooted in the heart of Burlington, North Carolina, delivers superior construction services with a specialization in impeccable flooring installations. Catering to our tight-knit community means providing top-tier craftsmanship that reflects the warmth and character of Burlington itself. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading flooring installation contractors near me – synonymous with excellence across every layer we place down. Our philosophy extends beyond simple renovations; it's about creating spaces where memories will thrive for years to come. Every member among our roster of flooring installation contractor Burlington professionals holds a profound appreciation for quality workmanship and client satisfaction. At MC Corporation, we align cutting-edge techniques with classic sensibility to produce unmatched finishes across all types of environments – residential or commercial alike. Envisage your space transformed under our dedicated care: refined textures underfoot, elevated design standards throughout, and solid durability anchoring everything together—choose MC Corporation for a seamless transition from conception through completion

-Flooring Installation
-Complete Remodelling

Business Hours : Monday to Friday :08:00 - 17:00
Business Email : [email protected]
Business Phone: (336) 524 1127

  2838 Bedford St,27215, Burlington, NC