Alpine Property Preservation

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Alpine Property Preservation Specialists: We serve Lassen County, CA, and Plumas County, CA, with expertise in mortgage field services.
Alpine Property Preservation specializes in mortgage field services, including trash out, debris removal, abandoned car removal, property securing, maintenance, repairs, lawn care, inspections, and occupancy verifications.
Alpine Property Preservations is dedicated to preserving and protecting real estate owned, bank owned, bank foreclosed, and abandoned property.
Our seasoned team is dedicated to meticulously inspecting properties, assessing their conditions, and presenting comprehensive repair recommendations. Proficient in a broad spectrum of repairs, from plumbing and electrical work to flooring, windows, and doors, we cater to the diverse needs of real estate owned, bank owned, bank foreclosed, and abandoned properties. Beyond assessments, our skilled professionals are adept at executing necessary repairs, ensuring your property attains and maintains optimal conditions.
At Alpine Property Preservation Service, our primary goal is to excel in property preservation, ensuring your valuable asset remains in impeccable condition throughout its transitional phase.

  2100 MAIN ST STE 308, Susanville, CA