Neal Fineman Property Management

Headquarters: Honolulu, HI

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Welcome to Neal Fineman Property Management, where we're redefining the standard for Honolulu rental property management. Our dedication to transparency and efficiency is at the core of our mission to provide you with a superior property management experience. We understand that navigating the world of rental properties can be a daunting task, which is why we've made it our mission to eliminate any hidden charges and uncertainties. With us, you can trust that our services are not only reliable but also refreshingly honest. We believe that by fostering a transparent relationship with our clients, we can build trust that lasts. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience, whether you're a property owner entrusting us with your investment or a tenant searching for the perfect place to call home. With Neal Fineman Property Management, you can expect a level of clarity and efficiency that sets us apart in the world of property management.

  949 McCully St., Ste 11, Honolulu, HI
  (808) 353-4732