Pioneer REO, Property Preservation & Management Specialists

Headquarters: Spokane, WA

Joined 7 months ago

We want to become a vendor for your property preservation needs. We provide property maintenance, repair, upkeep, and cleanup. We cover an approx 200 mi radius from our home office in Spokane WA. We provide detailed photos, video, and drone footage as needed.

We do all phases of property preservation, including all interior and exterior maintenance and repair.

We cover the three main areas of property preservation

Inspection Services - weekly or monthly inspections of the bank’s foreclosure properties.

Repair Contractor - Provide repair estimate and complete the project. Roof repair or replacement; repairing damages caused by theft, water ingress, vandalism, or other disasters; and total refurbishment. Damage caused by water and mold, such as drywall and carpeting.

We provide an accurate start and finish date for each project. We have all the necessary equipment and workers to complete these repairs quickly.

Maintenance Contractor - We complete all maintenance jobs, including boarding up broken windows, winterizing properties, trash outs, maid services, and lawn maintenance. We will also complete inspection tasks such as noting the property's current condition and estimating the cost of minor repairs.

Please reach out with any tasks that you need completed no matter how large or small.

  9116 E Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA