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Prime Field Services Corp. is one of the US’s leading regional service provider in property preservation industry with dedicated attention to quality results and fast turnaround.

We aspire to be the best in this industry having experienced contractors by our side locating all over the states.

To provide the utmost quality possible, to coordinate and provide our services, we use industry standard technology as well as employ friendly and skilled staffs with years of experience in property preservation.

We look forward to have properties that you need for us to maintain and inspect, and we are here to help you!

Our Services:

1. Renovation Services: Renovation services includes all facets of property refurbishment, rebuilding sections regardless of its size following industry guideline and regulations.
2. Heating Services: Heating service includes checking all vents and ducts, checking the thermostat, maintaining the heating units, and servicing gas flow into the heating unit.
3. Cleaning Services: Cleaning/ Maid Services includes but not limited to vacuuming carpet floors, toilet cleaning, intallation of smoke detector/air fresher etc.
4. Drywall Services: Service includes drywall repair and replacement, painting interior and exterior walls and not limited to remediating mold issues as well.
5. Roofing Services: Roofing service includes roof inspection, damage report, roof repair, entire roof replacement, chimney stack repair, or alteration as well periodic roof cleaning.
6. Flooring Services: Our service includes removal of existing floors, disposal of debris and installation of your new flooring not limited to small repairs and fixes.
7. Plumbing Services: Service includes routine inspection, pressure test, bathroom repairs, Burst or frozen pipes repair, fixing clogged drains, servicing exterior plumbing.
8. Electrical Services: Service includes routine inspection, electrical Repairs. electrical panel upgrades, electrical panel repair and circuit breaker inspection and installation.
9. Carpentry Services: Our service includes removal of existing carpets, disposal of debris and installation of your new carpets and not limited to small repairs and fixes.
10. Landscaping Services: Landscaping service includes initial grass cuts, grass recuts, trimming tree, shrubs and removing vines.

  8332 258th Street, Glen Oaks, NY
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