Siesta Home Preservation LLC

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Property preservation company working with several large national vendors. We have been in business 4 years and in the industry for over 10 year. Currently completing work in PA, AR, IL, MI, IN, OH, NY, TX, and now in LA Payout is WEEKLY!!

NOW HIRING: Independent Contractors / Handymen / Repairmen / Yard Care

This is a great opportunity for independent contractors or small handyman companies who are looking to grow! PAID WEEKLY!

Examples of common services:
- Inspections (provide photos via smartphone with camera)
- Change locks and/or deadbolts, install padlocks
- Board/secure doors/windows
- Remove personals/debris/full trash out
- Lawn maintenance: grass cut, shrubs, vines, trees, etc.
- Snow Removal
- Winterizations
- Maid services/Sales Clean (sweep/vacuum/dust/wipe)
- Pool Boarding
- Roof Tarping / Shingle Repair
- Report Damages and Provide Measurements
- Minor repairs

Job Requirements:
- Valid Driver License
- Aspen Grove number OR ability to pass a background check
- Smartphone with Camera & Email
- Reliable vehicle, truck and trailer are highly recommended

Tools, equipment, and supplies for the job. May include:
o Basic tools, drills and accessories, saws, chain saw
o Ladders (extension and A-Frame)
o Lawn equipment, mower, trimmers, blower, hedge clippers, chain saw, snow shovel/blower (where applicable), etc.
o Painting tools, brushes, paint sprayer, etc.
o General cleaning supplies, vacuum, broom, etc.
o Trash pump (an industrial speed garden/pool pump)

- Required Tools Available at if you don’t already have:
- Locks/Deadbolts with correct key codes (35241, 44535, 67767, 76667)
- Hasps and Padlocks (key code A389)
- Standalone gauge
- Winterization Stickers
- Winterization Tape
- Carriage bolts for boarding windows

  5703 Doral Dr, Sarasota, FL