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Wcut Property's is a full-scale preservation (PnP) company. We're currently seeking independent contractors who have the time, experience, and toolsto work in the property preservation industry, includingbut not limited to: securing, landscaping, roofing, fence, siding, drywall, painting,stairs,plumbing, electrical, emergency services, and many other exterior and interior maintenance services.

We pay bi-weekly for the majority of the work, unless otherwise arranged. We are searching for qualified, trustworthy, and dependable vendorsto collaborate with us in the areas of coverage where they excel.

*Must be able to complete basic preservation services
*Must understand and fulfill the photographic and documentation requirementsfor each and every work order.
*Must be able to provide an estimate for bids for damages found at the property they visit. We prioritize someone who has clear and open eyes for a new bid opportunities while completing other jobs at a location, property, or site.
*Must be detail and time oriented and follow work order instructions precisely.
*Must understand and comply with HUD guidelines while assigned a job.
*Must be able to use PPW account for orders and photos.

Equipment & Supplies:

*Basic work tools
*Basic cleaning supplies
*Lawn equipment: mower, weedeater, edge trimmer, blower, etc
*Truck and trailer for debris removal
*Generator, Air Compressor
*Smartphone with internet connectivity for mobile apps while on site
*Supplies in stock include knoblocks, deadbolts, lockboxes, hasps, padlocks, lumber, building supplies, tarps, RV antifreeze

Please email us if you have any questions.
[email protected]

  273 Reed Ave, Madisonville, KY